Posted on October 18, 2016

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APP is known as an industry expert in forging aluminum, titanium and precision forgings. APP was formed to meet the complex needs of the aerospace and defense industries. 50 years later, we are the authority of forging practices, capable of solving the toughest aluminum forging fabrication challenges.

We produce parts that combine the necessary structural integrity, with increased fatigue resistance, plus high quality and on-time tooling capabilities. The product and process quality that APP is known for is supported by Statistical Process Control of critical operations and a company-wide focus on Total Quality Management.

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Acorn is the finest and largest manufacturer and distributor of forged iron builders hardware in the United States. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products, timely delivery and the most knowledgeable and courteous customer service.

We are committed to increasing our selection of products to meet all of our customers needs. We value all employees with equal respect and stress the importance of a strong business ethic in all areas of the company.

Acorn Manufacturing is proud to welcome the Historic Tremont Nail Company.


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