Posted on October 24, 2016

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Forging Items by A To Z Alloys Private Limited, Mumbai

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About the Mumme Brand

Forging is one of the oldest methods of working steel but it has always offered unique advantages, which still cannot be matched by today’s other modern sophisticated methods of production.

In areas where strength and toughness is the requirement the high density fine grained Mumme Products Range of tools produced by forging and correctly heat treating cannot be beaten.


Donhad Pty Ltd is recognised internationally as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialised fasteners. The company’s forge operation manufactures specialised fasteners in plain carbon alloy and stainless steel for use in the mining, oil and gas, general and civil engineering industries.

requirement. Our machining, heat treatment and technical capabilities compliment the forge operation to deliver technical products of the highest integrity.

Additional information can be found in the Technical Bulletins below:

  • Technical Bulletin: Forged Fasteners
  • Technical Bulletin: Mill Liner Bolts
  • Technical Bulletin: Rolled Threads
  • Technical Bulletin: Torque


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