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Polyrex Dry Polymer Batching Systems

Over 25 years of experience has gone into ensuring TOMAL® polymer make-up units give you safe, reliable service and save you money through lower maintenance costs and eliminating polymer wastage

Dry polymer feed rates for standard PolyRex models range from 0.5 – 41.0 kg/hr with custom designs available to any size.

More than 175 PolyRex units are currently in operation across Australia and New Zealand in the water & wastewater treatment, mining and pulp & paper industries.

The TOMAL® PolyRex Advantages:

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PolyRex Data Sheet

PolyRex Maxi Data Sheet

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Windmoller & Holscher Polyrex 85 BV Bag Making used

Polymore Liquid Polymer Dissolving & Dosing Systems

The POLYMORE is a fully automated system for the mixing and dosing of concentrated polymer emulsions or dispersions. POLYMORE may be installed in-line, dissolving and dosing continuously in response to the process demands.

The TOMAL® POLYMORE  Advantages:

Follow the links below for further information:

Polymore Brochure

Polymore Mini Data Sheet

Polymore Duo Data Sheet

Polymore Midi Data Sheet

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